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We design and build products that reflect our belief in quality and sustainability.

We Live for the Challenge.

At Triiaxis we know that design is challenging. We also know that going from designed, to a manufactured product is even more challenging. We pride ourselves on using modern day manufacturing techniques to improve product quality without increasing costs for our customers.

Why buy from us?

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing only the highest quality sustainable products. We won’t sell a product we don’t love or use ourselves, so you can be sure the product you’re buying has been tested and tweaked until we were satisfied.

We’re extremely hard to satisfy.

We offer a no questions asked 30 day return policy. We’ve even made the process painless! Don’t want to talk to us to return something? Not a problem! Click here to create your return label.

We stand behind our products. Sometimes on top of them. Regardless of how you use your stuff we support you. We offer a 3 year warranty. Will even replace products seized by TSA! Check out more info here.

Designed, and Developed in USA

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