Really Stuck Sharp Boy (RSSB) – Keycap

  • Designed and made in the USA
  • Designed to fit on all MX style stems
  • Cherry profile
  • Row 4
  • Custom designed hilt of sword in stones
  • Custom brush anodizing
  • Keycap body is fully 3d textured
  • Machined from solid 6Al4V Titanium

Includes: 1x Really Stuck Sharp Boy Keycap

Does not include keyboard.


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  • Last updatedNovember 25, 2021
  • Created onNovember 25, 2021


This one of a kind artisan keycap features the hilt of a sword buried in a pile of stones. Brush anodized to show energy from the sword. The keycap body features a rocky surface that has been anodized bronze and then tumbled to give it a realistic rocky look. The cross guard is etched to silver, the grip is anodized bronze, and the pommel is frost blue. This keycap has been machined on every side from a solid bar of 6Al4V Titanium.

This took me like 16 hours to make lol.

Designed to fit standard MX (and compatible) mechanical keyboard switches. The profile is a Row 4 Cherry.

Designed and made here in house on our milling machine.



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