Small Metal Bender


Needed some steel bar bent. Rather then heating it up and bending, I came up with this super simple machined designed.

Used Fusion 360’s new ‘Flat’ toolpath to get some awesome results on the top faces of the bending block.


Build List

  1. This cad file: Bender
  2. Some steel. Preferably 4130 or harder for the machined bender parts.
  3. 3/4 steel round bar for the pins. Harder round bar will last longer.
  4. Any style welder to weld the handle parts together

Write Up

  1. First machine the block, and swivel sections.
  2. Weld handle material to the end of the swivel section.
  3. Weld 3/4 steel round bar in place using the bore closest to the handle. Making sure the bottom surface has been ground down so no weld protrudes and gets in the way of the swivel.
  4. Take your other 3/4 steel round bar pins and drop them in place.
  5. The most forward holes are sized for 1/2 bar. So test bending that first.

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