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We specialize in creating high quality tangible goods using modern day design and manufacturing techniques.


We were founded to reverse the rapidly growing trend of low quality, throw away consumer products. We have a deep passion for design, product reliability, and craftsmanship. Our products utilize only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of functionality, reliability, aesthetics, and strength.


First we dream up a product. Then we design the product. Followed by manufacturing the prototype of the designed product. If we like the results, we’ll tweak what is needed, and finally we’ll create the systems needed to manufacture the product in mass.

Learn more about our process here.

Boiled Down

We were tired of buying products that were only made for profit and nothing else.

Filling landfills, and wasting your time, modern day product design is a problem for the planet, and your wallet. When we create products, we have functionality, sustainability, and reliability in mind.

We spend a lot of time learning, while refining our manufacturing techniques to reduce waste, as well as reduce cost for our customers.

Profit margins never drives us. Great products do.

It Starts With Passion

Founder Jonathan Boggs was looking for a way to funnel his love for science and technology into something that was real. Instead of taking the traditional route, Jon spent countless hours, took risk after risk, while investing thousands of dollars in equipment he didn’t first understand how to use.

“Student of Youtube university”

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All Good Stories Include 4 Legs

Hello! My names Turtle. I wonder why my owner spends all of his staring at scrapped parts.

I’m not very good at making stuff, but I do like eating and following him around 🙂

Our History

December 2018

Triiaxis is founded starting as a CNC plasma cutting and welding business. The first product being this tab together fireplace insert.

August 2019

After some careful planning the business is piloted more towards design and CNC machining of prototype products. Receiving our first CNC mill was quite the learning experience.

Work begins on Iris
February 2020

Our first major product. Named 'Iris'. It is a high end titanium folding knife, featuring many custom milled features.  Starting work in Feb of 2020, it took us until December of that year to sell the first one.

Our First Succesful Kickstarter
August 2021

Looking to be resourceful for our next product,  we took the pile of scrap titanium we had from manufacturing Iris's and turned them into our 'Titanium Keychain Tweezers' and built a successful Kickstarter for them. Which then turned them into the product you now see listed.

November 2021

Continuing on our streak of rapid product design and prototyping, we started working on key board keycaps. Offereing a wide range of materials, finishes, and profiles.

Design That Lasts
Into the Future

We continue to rapidly dream, build and evolve the ideas we come up with.

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