Table of Contents

General Questions

– Are you planning on doing pre-orders? If so, when?

Planning, possibly. Currently I am making one at a time, posting about it on Instagram, and whoever buys it first gets it. These knives are “makers choice”. That means I am making them how I see fit. This allows me to stretch my creative legs, and to patch out any bugs that may crop up on a small scale.

– I just bought a knife you had listed, when can I expect it?

Thank you!! When you buy a knife that is listed on the website that means it is ready to go. There is a high probability that it will ship the following business day. Please allow me a worst case scenario of two business days though.

– I am have a question about my purchase

Please contact me direct on Instagram @split141 or contact me via the email at I will typically respond within the business day. (Probably within two hours if I see it)

– I would like to return my purchase

Returns are handled on a case by case bases. Please get in touch with me before sending anything back. Please see the above or view the contact page for contacts.

– Will you trade for a knife?

Sorry, but I am not currently taking trades for knives.

Iris Related Questions

Can I get custom engraving done?

Custom engraving is currently not offered because of how early I am in knife making process. If and when they are opened for buyer’s choice, custom engraving may be offered at that time.

 – What degree is the edge sharpened to?

Currently I am sharpening them to 21 degrees, and stropping. This may change, so please refer to the authentication card you received with the knife.

– Can you resharpen the blade for me?

Currently I am not offering a sharpening service, but may in the future.

– I lost something that was once attached to the knife, can I get some help?

Please get in contact with me.

– The anodized titanium is no longer vibrant. Is something wrong?

This is normal. Anodized titanium gets its colors from the oxide layer thickness on the face of the titanium. When light hits the different thicknesses, the colors change. When you get oils, or dirt onto the handles this will change how light hits these oxide layers. To return to a vibrant state, clean the handles with a non aggressive cleaner. Household glass cleaner works great for this.

– Can I take my knife apart?

There may be times when you need to disassemble your knife, whether it is for cleaning, or parts replacement. I encourage you to become familiar with dissembling your knife. I don’t use any proprietary hardware, so its rather easy. 

Things you’ll need: T8 Torx driver, T6 Torx driver (If removing lockbar insert, and clip)

  1. Close the knife.
  2. Flip the knife over so that the clip is facing up.
  3. Take a T8 Torx driver and remove the two handle screws, and finally the pivot screw. Please be careful when inserting the driver so you do not damage the hardware.
  4. At this point, nothing is holding the rear handle down. Gently remove the rear handle and set it aside. Sometimes the stop pin will stick to the handle. If this happens, gently turn and pull the rear handle upwards, while holding the front handle down.
  5. After removing the rear handle, you should see the rear bearing. Remove this, set it aside.
  6. Next is the blade. The blade is being held in place by the pivot. Pull directly upwards, following the direction of the pivot, to remove the blade. Please be extremely cautious when handling the blade.
  7. After that, you are left with the top handle, stop pin, handle spacers, one bearing, and lanyard spacer. Remove the final bearing assembly, and than push the pivot out of the front handle towards the outside. Remove the stop pin if able (If stuck, just leave in place), and remove the lanyard spacer. Place these two to the side. You do not need to remove the top handle spacers. They are secured in place on purpose. If you are in for cleaning, nothing else needs to be dissembled.
  8.  If you need to remove the clip, use a T6 Torx to remove the two micro 2-56 screws from the clips hold down area. Please do not lose these. Both are required for holding the clip, and are custom made.
  9. If you need to remove the lockbar insert, use a T6 Torx to remove the single micro 2-56 screw from the lockbar insert. Don’t lose this one either.

             – Reassembly

    1. If you removed the lockbar insert, place the insert back into its pocket, making sure it sits level, with no dust or debris sitting under it. Take the mirco 2-56 screw and apply a small amount of blue thread locker to it. Thread the screw in with a T6 Torx driver. Please be sure you are not cross threading the screw. 
    2. If you removed the pocket clip, place it back into its pocket, making sure it sits level, with no dust or debris sitting under it, making sure to line up the two tapped holes. Take the two 2-56 you removed and apply a small amount of blue thread locker to them. Thread the screw in with a T6 Torx driver. Please be sure you are not cross threading the screws.
    3. Take the top handle, and the pivot, than push the pivot through the top handle, making sure that the logo is pointing upwards on the front side.
    4. Now place the top handle down, so that the inside is facing you. What you should have is the top handle, with the pivot sticking up, along with the two spacers. Take one bearing and place it into the bearing pocket. The smooth edged side of the bearing must face up (Towards the blade). If this is not followed, the knife will not have a smooth action.
    5. Place the lanyard spacer, and the stop pin if removed, back into their respective pockets.
    6. Take the blade and place it onto the pivot. Leave the blade in an open 45 degree position. (This aids in reassembly and is not crucial).
    7. Place the last bearing on the blade around the pivot. Make sure the smooth edge of the bearing is facing away from you. (Smooth edge towards blade).
    8. Take the rear handle and place it on top of the blade, while making sure to line up all the spacers. When lined up, gently push the rear handle down, overcoming the lockbar tension, lining up the pivot to the rear handle, and secure the pivot screw in place with a T8 Torx driver.
    9. Finally, secure the handles together with the two remaining screws using a T8 Torx driver.

– I would like to experiment with the pivot pressure

If you wish to experiment with the pivot pressure these are the steps.

  1. Loosen, then remove the pivot screw with a T8 Torx.
  2. Clean the previous thread locker off the pivot screw.
  3. Apply a small amount of thread locker to the pivot screw. We recommend blue level of strength.
  4. Re-thread the pivot screw into the pivot, till it snugs slightly. Do not over tighten, this will cause the ceramic ball bearings to damage the surface they ride on.
  5. Back the pivot screw out in small increments till the desired pivot pressure is found, while making sure that the blade has no play both vertically and side to side when locked out.
  6. Close the knife, and allow ample time for the thread locker to dry.

– The lockbar tension is not to my liking (tight, or to light).

The lockbar has been set by me, for a combo of smoothness and safety. You can change the lockbar tension by dissembling the knife, removing the lockbar insert, and re-bending in the direction of your choice. Please be aware, I will not take a knife back that was dissembled for lockbar tension adjustment. If you have concerns with a knife you just received, please get in contact with me.